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The Team

Kinetic Performance was founded in May 2016 for one purpose; to inspire the world to movement. Whether you are a health or fitness professional, a fitness consumer, or perhaps a passive bystander, we believe that everyone deserves the right to pain-free movement. Each article, podcast, online and live education course is practical and designed to educate, empower and inspire you to create a culture of movement.


Adam Jongsma

Adam is on a mission to educate and inspire fitness and allied health professionals to successfully pursue their passion with purpose. He has mentored thousands of professionals to become leaders in their field. His teaching on movement and training concepts hinges on seeing, thinking, and adapting to any situation to control the outcome.


Anté O'Connor

Anté has helped trainers and clients alike transform their visions into reality and realize their full potential by sharing his unique success story. The physical limitations he has overcome have enabled him to speak from experience and connect with others who are working toward a common goal. He understands consistent, incremental changes can amount to dramatic results.


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